2018 Study Abroad Texas

During the month of a July, a group of seven Food Science undergraduate and five Food Science graduate students embarked on a high-impact study away course in San Antonio. Better known as Study Abroad Texas-Food Science, this course allows students to connect and apply their knowledge of food chemistry, food processing, food safety, nutrition, and product development to real world applications in production of safe, nutritious and quality foods. The study away course also allows students to network with food industry professionals so that students can discuss future job opportunities and gain insight into professional growth as a food scientist.

Thanks to the generous support of a donor and the partnership of employees at host companies, the students were immersed in food processing facility tours and hands-on demonstrations and modules at C.H. Guenther and Son, Inc., FGF Brands Texas (formerly Hill Country Bakery), H-E-B, Central Market, and the Spoetzl Brewery.

Students Participating in Study Abroad Texas

Hosted by Larry Nolan of FGF Brands Texas, students experienced firsthand how quality ingredients, ideation, food processing and food packaging ensure delicious and safe baked goods at restaurants, cafes and grocery outlets throughout Texas and the U.S.

Pictured from left to right on back row: Mehdi Hashemi (Doctoral student), Rebecca Creasy (faculty), Kendall Hough (undergraduate), Larry Nolan (FGF Brands Texas); middle row: Fariha Irshad (Doctoral student), Swanie Kang (undergraduate), Amanda Herrera (undergraduate), Kimoi Romero (undergraduate), Isis Ortega (undergraduate), Kimberly Votaw (undergraduate), Emily Donaldson (undergraduate), Helen Sarbazi (Doctoral student); front row: Karen Corleto (Doctoral student), Valeria Rizzi (Masters student). 

Students Participating in Study Abroad Texas

Students toured the Spoetzl Brewery and learned how the application of food microbiology, food engineering, food chemistry, quality assurance, and packaging intersect to ensure a consistent, refreshing Shiner beer product for all consumers.

Pictured from left to right: Kendall Hough (undergraduate), Fariha Irshad (Doctoral student), Valeria Rizzi (Masters student), Amy Thurmond (Spoetzl Brewery), Kiomi Romero (undergraduate), Isis Ortega (undergraduate), Mehdi Hashemi (Doctoral student), Emily Donaldson (undergraduate), Amanda Herrera (undergraduate), Kimberly  Votaw (undergraduate), Karen Corleto (Doctoral student), Swanie Kang (undergraduate), Helen Sarbazi (Doctoral student).