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Most DI programs use the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS) online applicant portal, a centralized application process, for the DI match. Applicants are required to create a personal account and are assigned a unique identification number that will be used on all future related communication. Forms required for the DICAS application include: transcript, personal statement, letters of recommendation, resume, DPD Supplemental Form, Declaration of Intent or Verification Statement.

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DICAS Online Applicant Portal

Computer Matching

Applicants must participate in the computer matching process, coordinated by D&D Digital Systems. Computer matching is different from the DICAS online applicant portal and each has specific procedures. DI applicants must follow the procedures for both and submit all required components by the DI application deadline. To learn more about the application process for students, visit

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D&D Digital Systems Hompage

Computer matching uses rank order lists submitted by applicants and DI programs. As a result, DI applicants who successfully match will be offered one DI position with the ranked program that matches them. More information on the computer match process is obtainable from the  D&D Digital website.


  • Register online by paying the standard $55 registration fee by credit card.
  • Download Application Form. Send the completed registration form and $55 registration fee to D&D Digital via certified mail; this will provide a receipt to document the date that it was mailed. Note: The D&D Digital match form must be postmarked by the application deadlines Applicants should check with D&D Digital if certified mail receipt is not returned within three weeks.


  • Complete the D&D Digital match form with your choices carefully by the standard DI application date (mid-February or mid-September)
  • Mark the box allowing your name to be released so DI programs with openings can contact you if you do not match during the first round
  • Confirm accuracy on the D&D match form – mistakes like marking the wrong school or missing the deadline will completely inhibit a match
  • Rank programs according to individual preferences. Do not list any DI program you are unwilling to attend. Ranking priorities are confidential
  • If for any reason you decide that you are unable to accept an appointment from a computer match after submitting the D&D Digital match information, you should withdraw from the match by the identified deadlines on the  ACEND website  or on the  D&D Digital website

Note: It is expected that applicants who receive a match will adhere to the results and accept that match. It is professionally unethical to decline a match in order to pursue appointment to another DI program.



All applicants will be notified of their match status on at 6 p.m. central time on the identified date. All matched applicants are expected to accept the appointment and no arrangements should be made with any other DI programs. If matching results are not available to you via the web site by the identified date, it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact D&D Digital directly at (515) 292-0490.

  • Students who Match a DI
  • Students Who Fail to Match in First Round Match Applicants
    • Follow Post DI Match Application Checklist (After the Match) For Students Who Did Not Match a DI
    • Consider the following options for Students Who Fail to Match in First-Round Match Applicants:
      • Second Round Match – offers the opportunity to apply to DI programs that have openings after the first round match. See the protocol guidelines 
      • Apply to an Individual Supervised Practice Pathway (ISSP). Additional information on ISPP programs can be found here.
      • Students who do not match and have limited work experience should consider building their resume or portfolio by gaining work experience in a related area and reapply in the future.
      • DPD graduates qualify to take the Nutrition Dietetic Technician Registered (NDTR) exam to earn the NDTR credential. This is an excellent opportunity for DPD graduates who will not immediately enter a dietetic internship (DI). More information on this credential is available at:

        Any graduate not entering a DI program in the fall is encouraged to apply for the NDTR credential.

        The process to initiate this is to complete the Nutrition Dietetic Technician Registered (NDTR) Opportunity for DPD Graduates form and email the completed form to Karen Beathard, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND at