Becoming the Best DI Applicant

It is important to start early in preparation for the DI program application process. For more information and suggested areas to gain experience, please see the DPD Handbook (pages 26-33).

Academic Performance

An overall 3.0 Grade Point Ratio (GPR) and DPD GPR is required to be considered for most dietetic internship (DI) programs. It is essential to confirm that your overall and DPD GPR is above the minimum required by the DI.

Relevant Experience

When compared to other applicants, the applicant with dietetic-related work experience is going to have a stronger application than applicants with non-dietetic related work experience. Some DI programs specifically look for certain types of experience including: hospital and health care, food service, research, volunteer, and internship. See DPD Handbook, pages 26-33, for more information. 

Professional Organizational Involvement

DI programs look for students who are leaders and display a commitment to the dietetic profession through professional organizational memberships and involvement. Attending professional activities and networking with dietitians at events such as the Texas Academy Annual Meeting, region seminars and area meetings is highly encouraged.

Advisement Timeline for Success in Competing for a DI Match

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Choosing the Right Dietetic Internship

It is important to choose Dietetic Internships that meet your needs. See the applicant guide for more information about internships across the nation! When choosing a DI, consider: location, environment, program type, program emphasis, financial constraints and cost of program, and admission requirements.

Tips for Completing DICAS

For more information, see ACEND’s Suggestions to Strengthen Your Opportunities to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist